As a value added strategic partner, BSM offers complete turnkey solutions assists our clients to explore the market in a faster, more efficient and effective manner. Our product development team provides customized, proprietary formulations according to client’s specifications.

Our integrated manufacturing and packaging process enable a flexible production schedule in respond to market demands. Our knowledgeable and responsive customer service team keeps an up-to-date product status and will always at client’s disposal for product advise and product related matters.

Our core competency is developing the niche and unique multi-million dollar products to cater the contemporary and future market needs!

Our wide diversify product category includes Anti-Aging, Anti-Oxidant, Brain Health, Cardiovascular Health, Cellular Health, Detoxification, Immune Booster, Joint Health, Lady Health, Meal Replacement, Men Health, Natural Calcium, Natural Vitamin C, Nutritional Balance, Skin Complexion, Skin Whitening, Slimming, etc.

It is our commitment to deliver only premium quality product and service to our clients, uncompromised quality is not just our slogan, but we keep our word by using only the branded ingredients in our product development & formulation.

Our experienced purchasing team works closely with our product development experts to source, analyze, and approve the raw materials use in our products. Each ingredient is subjected to comprehensive test to verify its Certificate of Analysis and effectiveness. This practice has built long term trust amongst our suppliers and clients by guaranteeing a consistent supply of high quality raw materials and products.


作为双赢策略合作伙伴,我们提供完整的解决方案,协助我们的客户以更快捷,高效的方式开拓市场。 我们的产品研发团队会根据客户的需求定制专属的产品配方。

我们的制造和包装流程可根据您的市场需求制定灵活性的生产计划。 我们专业的客户服务团队时刻保持最新的市场资讯,随时为您提供相关的市场与产品建议。


我们多元化的产品系列包括抗衰老,抗氧化,健脑,心血管保健,细胞健康,清肠解毒,免疫系统,关节保健,女性保健,代餐,男性保健,天然钙,天然维生素C,完整营养, 肤色均匀,美白,瘦身等。


我们的采购部与产品研发部密切配合,严格筛选,分析和核准所有采购的原料。 每种成分均经过全面测试,以验证其分析证书和有效性。 此合作方式让我们与供应商及客户之间建立了长期的信誉关系,并确保稳定地供应高质量的原材料和产品。