Bio-Science Marketing Sdn Bhd is a proud owner of 7 Accredited Awards currently and will continue to strive for excellence.

The 7 Awards are:

  1. 2019 Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards : MANUFACTURING EXCELLENCE AWARD
  2. 2019 Golden Eagle Award : EXCELLENT EAGLES
  4. Golden Bull Award 2021: OUTSTANDING SME
  5. Financial Times and Statista: Top 500 High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific 2022, 2023
  6. PUMM Malaysia Role Model Enterprise Awards 2022
  7. Domestic Business Growth Award 2023 by Malaysian Direct Distribution Association (MDDA)

Bio-Science Marketing Sdn Bhd 目前拥有7个杰出商业奖项,并将继续追求卓越。


  1. 2019星洲企业楷模奖:制造业卓越奖
  2. 2019金鹰奖 : 卓越金鹰奖
  3. 2019SME100马来西亚: 迅速发展企业奖项
  4. 2021年金牛奖:杰出中小企业奖
  5. 英国《金融时报》Financial Times及全球统计数据库Statista: 《2022,2023年亚太区高增长企业》500强
  6. 2022马来西亚创业促进会(青创会)菁英楷模企业大奖
  7. 马来西亚直销分销协会2023国内业务成长奖

Bio-Science Marketing Sdn Bhd is a proud recipient of the Malaysia Role Model Enterprise Awards 2022 awarded by Malaysia Entrepreneur’s Development Association Penang (PUMM). We are recognised not only for being the “First-to-launch” some of the most popular Food & Health Supplements in the market and strict Quality Control, but also as a Leading Expert in the Food & Health Supplement OEM/ODM Industry for our Unique and Innovative Food & Health Supplement Formulas using Branded and Patented Ingredients supported by Clinical Studies.

BIO-SCIENCE MARKETING SDN. BHD.于2022年荣获马来西亚创业促进会(青创会)菁英楷模企业大奖,在食品及保健品原设备生产(OEM)及原设计生产(ODM)企业得到认可,并有幸接受南洋商报采访叙述介绍公司商业模式、愿景使命以及企业优势。依据马来西亚创业促进会(青创会)以及南洋商报的报道,BIO-SCIENCE MARKETING SDN. BHD. 的企业优势如下:


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Year 2021 is a fruitful year for Bio-Science Marketing, we are celebrating our 22th year anniversary this year, we have re-designed our company logo to brand new modernized image to symbolized a bright future. This year, we have also been awarded the Golden Bull Award 2021: OUTSTANDING SME. This marks our 4th accumulated accredited award.

2021年乃是BSM收获丰硕的一年,今年是公司的22周年庆,我们不仅仅荣获Bio-Science Marketing的第四项杰出商业奖项-2021年金牛奖:杰出中小企业奖,也重新设计了一个充满现代化气息的商标,象征着公司向往一个崭新的未来,继续研发更多顶尖优质的保健产品延续我们新的里程碑。