• Bio-Science Marketing (BSM) is your worldwide strategic partner in the supplement business.  We deliver superior products over the decades with our GMP standard manufacturing facilities.
  • One-stop hassle free service from the initial stage of product concept, product development and formulation, production as well as assisting in sales and marketing strategy.
  • Proficient in developing niche and unique product for your business goals.
  • GMP factory alliance with the world’s top health supplement product manufacturers and suppliers from leading countries such as the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and others.
  • Multiple Product Form: powder, sachet, capsule, tablet, softgel, private label or custom label.

We supply to some of most renowned MLM, SLM, Wholesale Marketing, Pharmacy, Health & Beauty Companies in the region. Contact us today on your requirements.

Bio-Science Marketing (BSM) 是您在保健业的策略伙伴, 我们具备GMP认证的制造设备设施,生产及供应顶尖级的保健产品。

  • 一站式的服务概念,从最初阶段的产品概念,研发、完整配方到生产,直到协助您规划行销的销售策略。
  • 专业为您研发独特产品配合您的业务需求。
  • 与美国,加拿大,欧洲,日本,澳洲,纽西兰等国家的时间顶尖保健食品厂家联盟,确保质量达标。
  • 各类自创品牌产品系列:铝箔袋粉状,胶囊,锭粒,软胶囊等。



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